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Team Statistics

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  Team Name Team Captain Donation Total
LCELCE LCE$20,001.00
LCE LionsAudrey Amy Choi$614.00
PCRPCR PCR$37,476.00
PCR PanthersSophie Mizukami$1,615.00
PCR PanthersLilly Kazazian$140.00
PCYPCY PCY$34,001.00
PCY CougarsChloe Liang$300.00
PCY CougarsDylan Babish$250.00
PCY CougarsAlyssa, Alexander Konakov$50.00
PCY CougarsAnish Yerasi$30.00
PCY CougarsSi young, Siyoon Lim$60.00
PCY CougarsSoannne, Yaeanne Lee$60.00
PCY CougarsZane Piper$10.00
PCY CougarsCaden Baghdasarians$170.00
PCY CougarsKai, Siena, Tucker Gundersen$310.00
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